Lack of Experience

The length of time differs from person to person as everyone is different in how they learn. One thing is for certain, we all have to start somewhere with driving and we will all start off being inexperienced.

Conscious Competence Learning Matrix

As our knowledge, driving skills and interaction with other road users increase, so does our level of experience and so we gradually improve over time.

This process can be defined by the Conscious Competence Learning Matrix, a four-stage model that shows the different stages of learning we go through to acquire new skills.

Before we begin to learn to drive, we will lack knowledge of the skills needed. No one can know everything about everything. We are at the Unconscious Incompetence stage level on the model.

For the next stage in the model, which is Conscious Incompetence, the learner must become aware of their inability to perform the new skill so learning can begin. Learners must then practice the new skill, get feedback from their instructor, practice some more, get more feedback and so on, until they develop a level of competence. There are many factors that influence this learning time, things like motivation, the quality of the feedback from the instructor, the concentration of the learner, a good learning environment, etc.

Stage 3 is where the learner has gained new knowledge and skills and they are aware of this. By taking more driving lessons with their instructor, they can put this new knowledge into practice on a regular basis and gain even more confidence in performing this new skill. Lots of concentration is needed from the learner at this stage of their learning, but as they have more practice and experience, these skills and activities become increasingly automatic where they can perform them without the high levels of concentration.

Stage 4 in the final stage of the learning model and is when the learner has become Unconsciously Competent. This means a high skill level has been achieved and they can perform these tasks without the conscious effort, allowing them to have more focus on their surroundings, rather than just thinking about what they are doing with the car to control it.

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